Winter Programs in Japan

Participants serve as group leaders at high schools and educational institutions in Japan to help local students better understand self-empowerment, critical thinking, and English communication.

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Australian Study Tours

We provide unforgettable study tour experiences through colleges, high schools and universities all around Australia. You tour will be tailoured to your subjects of interest.

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About ISA Australia

We were fouded in 1994. Our aim is to promote global education by providing young people with learning experiences for cultivation and development of their future.

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“Today and always, there will be an obligation to pass on to the new generation the tradition of liberal scholarship - scientific or in the humanities - and to bring the understanding of things and human actions to everyone.”
Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnett, father of the flu vaccine
"Remember that the future is not somewhere we are going, it is something we are creating. Every day we do things that make some futures more probable and others less likely."
Professor Ian Lowe, environmental scientist
“Apart from the scientific interest attached to my various journeyings, it has been made clear to me that human needs and aspirations differ little the world over and that no great difficulties arise in one race dealing with another when matters of scientific importance are involved.”
Howard Florey, father of penicillin.
"Community leadership is the courage, creativity and capacity to inspire participation, development and sustainability for strong communities."
Sir Gustav Nossal, celebrated immunologist
"You don't do anybody any favours by being less than you are."
Professor Fiona Wood, innovator of spray-on skin